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Turakhia Decor introduces TD coats; its complete range of natural wood finishing oils to the Indian market.TD Coats presents a range of modified natural vegetable oils; specifically configured for use in Indian conditions. The principal focal point for TD Coats is to offer a very natural surface aesthetic to a veneer or wood surface without compromising on safety standards for applicators and end users.TD Coats continuously strives to maximise use of naturally occurring raw materials that are completely recyclable and thus minimising environmental impact of its consumption.

Long durability of 7-10 years on a vertical wood surface

TD Coats Natural Oils work on a 3 coat system of 1 Base + 2 Top. This complete system grants enough grams of solid oil content on a square meter which ensures great protection over a period of 7-10 years on the wood/ veneer surface.

Easy to maintain Refresh | Repair Recoat

compatible with standard wood strainers and wood putty

Suitable with all natural wood species

We understand that Indian market uses highest assortment of wood/ veneer species along with differing chemical processes (smoking, dyeing, weathering etc.) and use of varied colored oils, wood stainers etc. TD coats have come up with oil configurations that work well with these diverse offerings.

No Human Health Hazards

TD Coats Natural Oils offer the choice to use products with Zero VOCs, Zero Isocynates, Zero aromatic binders and solvents. Prolonged exposure to these substances can be extremely dangerous to health of the installers and final end users inhabiting the finished site as it causes severe bronchitis, dermatitis, cancer etc. TD Coats configures products with the sole aim to add years to the life of paint applicators.

Protecting Environment

The philosophy of promoting the use of natural oils for coating wood surfaces is based primarily on the principle of environment conservation during manufacturing and after the use of coating materials. TD Coats Natural Oils used for wood coatings are derived from 100 % recyclable vegetation such as linseed, soya, castor, canola, sunflower etc. Minor modifications are done to the mixture only to ease the application and match performance standards in modern day settings.