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Physical & Chemical Properties
  • Appearance :
  • Density :
    850 grams/ litre
  • Solid Content :
  • Color :
  • Odour :
  • Yield :
    200-225 Sq. Ft (Spray)/ 300 Sq. Ft (Roll/Brush)/ 350-380 Sq. Ft (Rag) on single coat basisdepending on veneer/ wood specie.
  • Dilution :
    Not Required
  • Cleaning of Tools :
    White Spirit
  • Application :
    Spray/ Brush/ Rag
  • Number of Coats :
    1 coat
  • Gloss Level :
    Deep Matt (5%)
How to Use
  • Shake/ Stir well before use.
  • Provide a clean degreased veneer/ wood surface sanded 150 grit.
  • Spray evenly and allow for 10 minutes of drying time.
  • Wipe off the excess oil from the surface and allow for 12 hours of drying time.
  • Excess atmospheric humidity or low temperatures can prolong drying time.
  • Sand lightly with 220 grit sand paper.
  • Spray TD base or any standard wood sealer coat and allow for appropriate drying time.
  • Fill nail marks with standard wood putty.
  • Use TD Base or any standard wood sealer for light recoating of the veneer/ wood surface after filling nail marks.
  • Follow up with subsequent top coat treatments.
General Instructions
  • Shake/ stir well before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.
  • Cloth, Rags, Sanding papers, Buffing Pads used along with these products should be soaked in water and then discarded. Unattended waste can cause self-ignition.

Our technical data sheets are formulated based on our laboratory tests. Application instructions and technical advice is suggestive. Applicator skills, base veneer/ wood specie, working environments, equipment used, dilutions etc. form integral parts of the final result achieved on the coated surface. The cumulative effect of various permutations and combinations of these factors are difficult to predict. Thus we highly recommend that the User/ Installer/ Specifier/ Final Consumer must test the products for suitability and results in their specific environment. We can always assure the consistency of the physical and chemical characteristics of the material supplied.


The product comes in 1litre/ 10 litre/ 20 litre Cans.


Keep in cool, well ventilated place. When not in use, keep the container closed. Provide safe distance from flames, sparks and other sources of ignition.