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TD Walls presents interesting and illusionary patterns that showcase woods in different light. Different placements are meticulously selected to explore and experience wood in distinct fashion.
TD Walls is completely handmade by highly skilled artisans; with tools & machines being used to just add precision to the finished work. With every piece of wood being checked and carefully selected, the finished piece represents a true work of art.
6 MM Solid Wood Thickness
TD Walls is produced using 100% solid hardwood from USA and Europe. These woods are processed under strict quality control guidelines to ensure highest product performance during product lifecycle.
Bigger Scale of Design
Increased Size of the Panel improvising the usage of product in Panel Form, and also enhancing the beauty of natural wood grains. Stringent quality control measures ensure that stability of bigger size wood pieces is not compromised.
Eco Friendly
By using TD Walls, you will be contributing in conserving natural wood resources, since these panels are made with least wastage possible.