A Secret Formula For Interior Designers To Get Higher Fees…

You’re able to begin charging higher interior style fees for your services. Sure, you’ve got your method down, you’re everywhere your overhead prices and you’re able to begin charging a touch a lot of. I get it.

Crafting the right interior style fee involves a touch little bit of magic. Once you recognize your prices to deliver your style services you’ll need to boost your fees to extend sales.… Read More

All You Need To Know About 3D Wood Mosaics…

In pursuit of excellence; always. We at Turakhia Decor seek to improvise in everything we do.

Turakhia Decor was founded in 2017, with an aim to offer the best complimenting products for the wood & veneer industry.

We started out with offering superior veneer edging solutions and solid wood highlights and are proud to be India’s 1st company to introduce Veneers in the economy known as Natural Veneers by Turakhia and now expand our horizons to offer the best wood coating materials to retain the real warmth of natural wood.… Read More

All You Need To Know About Natural Wood Finishing Oil…

It is a very crucial topic and we can understand that it becomes very difficult to understand which oil to use and for which furniture it will be suitable due to the huge types of availability of oils.Uffff….tough choice, isn’t it?

This is where, we at Turakhia Decor are trying to clear you confusion and help you make a better choice and decision.… Read More

Exclusive Caladium Collection By Turakhia Decor

Turakhia Decor concentrates on providing best and Eco-friendly decor products to add glimpse in your interior design. All the products are prepared in such a way that they provide class and luxury in your residence or commercial place but also takes care of the environment. We at Turakhia Decor are completely against using toxic ingredients to build up our products.… Read More