All You Need To Know About 3D Wood Mosaics…

In pursuit of excellence; always. We at Turakhia Decor seek to improvise in everything we do.

Turakhia Decor was founded in 2017, with an aim to offer the best complimenting products for the wood & veneer industry.

We started out with offering superior veneer edging solutions and solid wood highlights and are proud to be India’s 1st company to introduce Veneers in the economy known as Natural Veneers by Turakhia and now expand our horizons to offer the best wood coating materials to retain the real warmth of natural wood.… Read More

5 Common Design Mistake + Easy Fixes To Get A Polished Designer Look.

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5 Best Effective Tips Towards Interior Designing

Effective tips towards interior designing

5 best never the less Effective tips towards Interior Designing

“Interior design is an Art, and designing it with amazing but perfect decor is an excellent skill of an ”Artist “.

Oh wow, you go shopping and see beautiful home decor accessory and immediately you imagine that how beautiful it would look in my house or bedroom or office.… Read More