How Much Time Does Interior Design Process Take?

Inside structure is characterized as the craftsmanship or procedure of planning the inside enrichment of a room or building. To what extent the procedure may take relies upon the greatness of the scope of the inside structure venture and how multifaceted it is. This implies different phases of the inside plan procedure may take distinctive time spans dependent on various variables.… Read More

12 Ways Architects Can Work Smarter, Not Harder…

In their everyday work, architects face a ton of diversions and difficulties: overseeing customers, associates, and temporary workers; staying up with the latest , staying up with the most recent programming and advancements; drafting arranging applications and desk work; and in case you’re fortunate, notwithstanding getting the chance to structure a few things in the middle.… Read More

All You Need To Know About 3D Wood Mosaics…

In pursuit of excellence; always. We at Turakhia Decor seek to improvise in everything we do.

Turakhia Decor was founded in 2017, with an aim to offer the best complimenting products for the wood & veneer industry.

We started out with offering superior veneer edging solutions and solid wood highlights and are proud to be India’s 1st company to introduce Veneers in the economy known as Natural Veneers by Turakhia and now expand our horizons to offer the best wood coating materials to retain the real warmth of natural wood.… Read More

5 Common Design Mistake + Easy Fixes To Get A Polished Designer Look.

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5 Best Effective Tips Towards Interior Designing

Effective tips towards interior designing

5 best never the less Effective tips towards Interior Designing

“Interior design is an Art, and designing it with amazing but perfect decor is an excellent skill of an ”Artist “.

Oh wow, you go shopping and see beautiful home decor accessory and immediately you imagine that how beautiful it would look in my house or bedroom or office.… Read More

No-Hassle Products Of Inwife In The Usa

Life, Death and Serious Relationship

Typically the improved area of the significance of affection is dependent on the you feel when you develop this kind of sort of feelings to one other person. The shortage of love appeals to the exact same. Whilst it is the main ingredient to having a happy plus healthy marital life, there are various stuff need to come from that take pleasure in which includes dignity and even damage.… Read More

Natural Veneers Showroom

Exclusive Veneer studio in Coimbatore

Natural Showroom

Hello all home interior admirers, as the owner of this vibrant firm we, Suresh Jain and Khushal Jain are so excited to let you know that we are opening the new studio at Coimbatore in association with the Natural veneer by Turakhia Overseas Pvt.Ltd. in favor to facilitate and serve you in the best possible way.… Read More

Make curved furniture with ease!


Natflex is one of the very exclusive products of Natural Veneers. We are one of the handful companies in India that produce such flexible veneers that can be mounted on curved surfaces. Such flexibility allows you to create artistic furniture applications without much hassle.

To add such flexibility, the fleece backed veneers are “Flexed” through a special grain breaking machine called Flexer.… Read More

The innovative edge banding solutions

Until now, edge banding was a craftsmen’s headache. It used to be a tedious process to create edging for the furniture applications.  There weren’t many ready to use solutions, and those that were available were very generic and hence could not allow the craftsmen to create seamless surfaces. Or else they would have to create edging strips from the veneer sheets.… Read More

Majestic Weathered Veneers

Weathered veneers are a unique collection of veneers that lend a well worn, antique look onto fresh furniture applications. The design pattern of these veneers lays a distressed surface look on the furniture. The grey colour scheme of this collection applies an allure of real old wood furniture.

This old world charm is combined with 15 exclusive species of wood to fuse the character of these species with the appearance of “Weathered”, to create some mind-blowing combination on the veneers.  … Read More