Too often, instead of making choices in our business, we allow the circumstances in our business to choose for us. Meaning, we simply react and respond to what comes our way.

Our businesses are like boats and I see so many designers have yet to pick up the oar and steer towards a destination. They’re just floating along, going where the current situation takes them.

I know that confidence comes from having a plan. Successful designers have steps and tasks that make them feel in control of their business – usually for the first time ever. They’ve taking ahold of their oar.

If you’re feeling the least bit insecure or unsure in your business, creating a plan will help you. Planning and working towards your dreams will give you CONFIDENCE. I’ve seen it happen with hundreds of designers.

The end of the year is the time when we should be planning for the next year. Business owners need to be reviewing what is working in their business, what needs to be improved, and what they’re doing to grow.

Here are some questions that you can start to ask yourself:

  1. What are your business weak points? What needs to change?
  2. What support do you need?
  3. Where are most of your revenue coming from? Is it proportional to your effort?
  4. Where are you holding yourself back?
  5. What boundaries do you need to introduce or reinforce with clients?

Plan effectively after getting all the answers to the questions, and this shall help you make your smart business plan to run your interior designing business in a progressive way.

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